Aap Party Corruption

All Indian Political Parties are corrupt. Their corruption level presently is:-

10 statements by Kapil Mishra at Rajghat, Delhi: -
  I saw Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal accept Rs 2 crore cash from Health Minister Satyendra Jain

Jain told me he had settled land deals worth Rs 50 crore for Arvind Kejriwal’s relatives Kapil Mishra exposes corruption in the Aap party. How Satyendra Jain gave Rs. 2 crores to Kejriwal in presence of Kapil Mishra. When I questioned him, Kejriwal told me that ‘such things happen in politics’

  When I questioned him, Kejriwal told me that ‘such things happen in politics’

  I was sacked from the party after speaking out against corruption

  I have submitted all details to Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal

  I want Arvind Kejriwal and his deputy Manish Sisodia to introspect how many times they have lied to the people of Delhi

  When we came across corruption in Punjab election funding, we thought Arvind Kejriwal didn’t know about it. We told him and kept waiting for him to react

  I was the only minister of the Delhi cabinet to not have any CBI inquiry against me. I even acted against former CM Sheila Dikshit the moment I took office

  I saw the cash last night and decided to speak out today. I am ready to give evidence to any investigating agency. I will also approach the anti-corruption bureau

  The day Satyendra Jain lands in jail, I will be proven right. Just wait and watch

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Actually all the prty members of Aap are corrupt. Why Jain had to wait till he was removed from misistership to expose this corruption? So there is no doubt that Jain would never have exposed Kejriwal if Mishra had not been expelled.

What prevents Kapil Mishra from filing a case in a judicial court?

Thee cheers for corrupt Kejriwal, Sisodia and Kapil Mishra.

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