Gaikwad the Offensive Shiv Sena MP

An incident was reported from Air India flight AI 852 (Pune-Delhi), in which MP Ravindra Gaikwad was travelling. The flight landed around 10 am but the MP refused to de-board. When airline security staff was called and he got angry and started beating them with slippers,” said an airport source. “We have formed a committee to probe the matter and appropriate action will be taken after the report,” said a Air India spokesperson.

Shouldn't Political parties throw out criminal elements like Ravindra Gaikwad

The brazenness of this Member of Parliament must be seen. He openly boasted that he beat up the staffer with his slipper 25 times. He is not sorry and wouldn’t apologise. Rather, he wants an apology from the staffer.

Three cheers for Shiv Sena for being a silly political party.

You must read the Full Report.

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