Is There a God?

Existence of God
Christians say the universe is controlled by God. Muslims say the universe is ruled by Allah and Mohammed. Hindus say it is Bhagwan who controls the universe. Similar is thinking of other religions.

It appears they are all wrongly thinking.

Take just one event's frequent occurrence in this world, RAPE. God and his co-Gods couldn't care less. Do these Gods encourage men to rape women?

If these Gods were even minimally interested to preventing rape, all that they have to do is to make women much stronger than men. Then men would be too scared to commit rapes because of the fear of much stronger women beating them up.

Or is it that there are no such beings as Gods?

As many as 22 Muslim countries including Pakistan and Bangladesh have abolished triple talaq either explicitly or implicitly. Oh Sunny killers, you have a big list of countries where you can kill people. Read Full Details

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